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Zombi (1978) Nel 1978 George A. Romero trova la potente immagine degli zombi accalcati alle porte di un centro commerciale per simbo…

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Domaci Filmovi




  • filippo923 9 months ago


  • CaptainXDFalcon 9 months ago

    everybody can slay this zombie hordes they are so slow

  • DEIHORROR2012 9 months ago


  • Luchador919 9 months ago

    Good movie, but the best is ZOMBIE 2 FROM FULCI!

  • TheNinjaRenegade 9 months ago


  • Alex Unkow 9 months ago

    italiano prego

  • Freddy Frog 9 months ago

    yeşilçam filmi gibi bune aq

  • Nella Crosiglia 9 months ago


  • Cubone96 9 months ago

    År 1978, George A. Romero är den kraftfulla bilden av zombies massangrepp utanför ett köpcentrum för att symbolisera förtingligande av människan konsumenten och massifiering i samhället.

  • giuseppenaco 9 months ago

    bastano 10 sillabe per descriverlo..CA PO LA VO RO.

  • GIUSTIZIAEFATTA 9 months ago

    io parlo italiano :-)  quindi possiamo parlare se vuoi!

  • fmElse 9 months ago

    non direi…

  • de4dp0et 9 months ago

    Ti assicuro che guardando le statistiche la maggior parte dei visitatori sono italiani ;) 

  • Nick154999 9 months ago

    pochi parlano italiano qui.

  • snakes3425 9 months ago

    I remember that one also, it’s the movie that has caused no amount of headaches in terms of numbering, they retitled it Zombie here in the states and then released Zombie 3, 4 and 5 without changing the numbers and then released Zombie nder it’s real name Zombie 2 so when you have the movies on your shelf it looks like you forgot to pick up either Zombie or Zombie 2, even though Zombie and Zombie 2 are the same movie and Dawn of the Dead is Zombie 1

  • de4dp0et 9 months ago

    It is, indeed ^ ^’

  • eibon81 9 months ago

    DAWN OF THE DEAD is know as ZOMBIE in Europe. The Lucio Fulci Caribbean Gut-Muncher is called ZOMBIE 2 over there and ZOMBIE in America. In addition to that, the Fulci film is called ZOMBIE FLESH-EATERS here in the UK, whilst Romero’s Living Dead Epic was originally released here as ZOMBIES: DAWN OF THE DEAD. Very confusing, isn’t it?

  • Hanzo Hattori 9 months ago

    dead rising xD

  • Priscilla .Heeger 9 months ago

    i end up here because of resident evil :P

  • de4dp0et 9 months ago

    Important: I’ve mistakenly deleted a Video Response request for a video entitled “Infected” and I’m not able to see who requested it. If the poster would like to forward a new request I will have no problem in approving it. 

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